The king is dead. The prince will not inherit. In a matrilineal society, strategy plays by different rules.

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What difference does womanhood make

When the mind is serene,

And knowledge is present?


Queen’s Rule Medieval Strategy

You know the story. The king is dead, his eldest son is crowned, armies gather, loyal vassals rally to the king’s banner, and war is waged on the neighbouring nation…. It is a story we tell ourselves over and over, in countless movies and books and games. Medieval strategy games generally assume that it always goes like this. And in some cases the world really did work like that. That was the ideal of European monarchy. But what if we look at other parts of the world, and other societies?

In other times and places, inheritance and war functioned very differently. And for a strategy game, this difference is interesting: it presents us with new gameplay dynamics, with new challenges as players.

So welcome to South East Asia a thousand years ago, to the era of the Chenla and Dvaravati kingdoms. Here, when the king dies the son cannot inherit. Inheritance passes down the female line. A king is imported from a neighbouring clan, gaining his crown by marriage. So your king is a foreigner. What difference does that make to your strategy? Play Queen’s Rule and find out.

Queen’s Rule for iOS and Android

Queen’s Rule is a quick-to-play mobile strategy game, where five players (one human versus bots, or several players on the same device) take turns to recruit royalty and armies, and maneuverer to control the majority of palaces on the board. Each royal (queen, king, prince) has different abilities, and the king’s birth family is pivotal in determining how wars are fought. A single game can be played in about 15 minutes, with every game unfolding differently.

At A Glance

  • iOS and Android mobile game
  • 5 human + AI players (1-5 humans; remaining positions played by bots)
  • Time to learn: 5 minutes
  • Time to play: 10-15 minutes per human player
  • Replayability: high
  • Available: Spring 2023

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