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Assorted tabletop RPG materials – specifically:

  • Orphans of Merlin Ars Magica setting and related resources
  • Assorted Coriolis RPG resources

Orphans of Merlin – Stonehenge Setting

Overview and Major Covenants

A Stonehenge setting inspired by the 4th edition supplement Heirs of Merlin. Details of the major covenants (Blackthorn, Burnham, Cad Gadu, The Chines, Sanguis Vento), list of magi, and an overview of the conspiracy that lies behind the Tribunal’s politics.

Minor Covenants

Six minor covenants – Dawn’s End, Dens, Murkfell, Rossan, Scholas Pythagoranis, and Tintagel – including their likely development over a ~20 year saga.

House Mercere

The five members of House Mercere in the Stonehenge Tribunal in the Orphans of Merlin setting, and how communications and the functions of their House operate (or don’t).

House Rules

Reworking the Normandy Tribunal Tournament

Making the Normandy Tournaments more fun for players, viable for their characters, and manageable for storyguide.

Magical Masonry

How would a mage with Terram and a Masonry craft skill go about using magics to build a covenant for themselves, or structures for their allies? A rules-light framework suitable for starting Terram specialists or experienced generalists, and for their storyguides.


Coriolis Ship Builder Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet in (ODS and XLS formats) that allows the selection of class, shipyard, modules and features, to automatically calculate ship stats, debt and repayment.

The Algebar System

An Emirate under siege, a pirate flotilla scattered and in hiding, a decadent portal station riddled with spies, a gas giant with a hundred moons, portal builder ruins, and a vast unexplored asteroid belt…. Adventure awaits in the Algebar system, in this 13 page PDF.

Imanon & Imanon Station

A wealthy trade hub with a reputation for lawless violence. A planet of monasteries, rife with intrigue. A system full of warbands bristling for a fight. Altai is the gateway to The Quadrant of the Pilar, and Imanon Station is the gateway to the Altai system. A quick setting (four pages of bullet points) for GMs, and a perfect location for the final encounter of the Love Once More adventure in The Diamond Sands.

The Marfik System

The domain of the reclusive Queen Quara-Almida, decried by outsiders as The Corsair Queen, described in a 12-page PDF. Includes: Voka Station, hub of the Voka Slavers and home to notorious arms markets, smugglers and gladiatorial fights; Marfik, an ocean planet where the rulers of submersible towns hunt giant sea-serpents; Arm, an arid tundra planet where feudal despots build semi-tropical palaces; Shefa-arm, where the Technocrats forge streams of numbers into sources of beauty and power, while the legendary Lithofor which floats overhead; and Xima, where Portal Builder “castles” tower above frozen sands.

Curing Dark Wounds and Curses

Wound festering from the bite of a Darkmorph? Pulsing sphere of sentient ooze planted spores in your arm? Here’s what to do about it! (A GM’s framework for recovering from the taint of Darkness.)

Coriolis Table Rules & Clarifications

A house ruling on automatic successes (to empower the players and make the game feel less arbitrary) and some clarifications on how ships work.

Draconite Talents

Unique Draconite Talents – originally written for Combat Elite, but added separately here… because it’s way more interesting if non-Draconite players don’t know this.

Assorted Coriolis Talents

A dozen Talents for Coriolis characters.

The Eye of the Sun Portraits

Forty Two NPC portraits for The Eye of the Sun campaigns, sized at 500x500px.

The Gift of the Wind Dragon Portraits

Twenty five NPC portraits for Gift of the Wind Dragon campaign arc, sized at 500x500px.

The Gift of the Wind Dragon Map

Two maps for the The Gift of the Wind Dragon campaign arc.

The Diamond Sands Portraits

Fifteen NPC portraits for the setting/adventure supplement The Diamond Sands. Sized at 256x256px for use as tokens on a VTT.

Combatant Portraits (From Combat Elite)

A dozen portraits for use in Coriolis, based on art generated for the military supplement Combat Elite. Sized at 256x256px for use as tokens on a VTT.

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Thirty years of game design has vanished into the aether. That’s just how it is. The tabletop RPG supplements that I wrote in the ’90s (a million or so words of commissioned work) are now just footnotes in games history. Computer games where I (usually as the producer or project director) had an influence on design, and others’ games that I modded for, have now been forgotten as technology moves on. So I figured I’d at least create a page for my current homebrew projects – starting with the setting of my current Ars Magica saga and some Coriolis musings, and maybe later adding some stories/adventures. – Kevin Hassall, 2022.